One Way Window Privacy Film
One Way Window Privacy Film
One Way Window Privacy Film
One Way Window Privacy Film
One Way Window Privacy Film
One Way Window Privacy Film

One Way Window Privacy Film

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Enhance your privacy and protect your home or office from harmful UV rays with our One Way Mirror Window Privacy Film. This innovative film provides a reflective surface during the daytime, allowing you to see outside while preventing others from seeing in. Say goodbye to prying eyes and enjoy a sense of security and tranquility.

Not only does our privacy film offer exceptional privacy, but it also blocks out the sun's heat, keeping your space cool and comfortable. The anti-UV properties of the film help to protect your furniture, flooring, and other belongings from fading or damage caused by prolonged sun exposure. Experience a more energy-efficient environment as the film effectively reduces heat transfer, saving you money on cooling costs.

AFDB films are the brand leader in DIY (do it yourself) window films. Our best in class deep dyeing, coating have helped design higher performing, longer lasting films that are among the best in the marketplace. improves the appearance of your windows screen by adding a designer look, Meanwhile our DIY self adhesive film with excellent heat insulation effect so as to energy efficient, block UV rays.

About this item

  • ☀【HEAT INSULATION & ENERGY SAVING】Our privacy Window Film Blocking out 90% of infrared rays, the sun blocking window film can retain heat in winter and keep it out in summer, helping reduce expensive heating and cooling costs. Let you enjoy a comfortable time at home.

  • ☀【STATIC CLING & NON ADHESIVES】This window clings for glass windows use Glue free design, no chemical release, very easy to install, just make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes, remember to use A LOT of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window. Useful light blocking stickers for your window glass.

  • ☀【DAYTIME PRIVACY PROTECTION】Please note that the one way window film provides great privacy during daytime only and outside glass shows mirror effect. But the mirror-effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior. Remember to draw curtain during night. The effect of window film for home bathroom due to the intensity of light.

  • ☀【THICK AND HIGH QUALITY】The decorative reflective window film is of 0.15mm thick to have excellent thermal insulation effect, with anti-scratch layer on the surface, friction resisting, won't fade nor blister, easy to remove, economical and practical.

  • ☀【EASY REMOVABLEWINDOW FILM】 It is very easy to remove home window privacy film without any damage to itself or any stain on the glass either. Multi size for your to choose.

How to Peel Off the Clear Backing Film:

Step 1 - Please wet one window film corner and use your fingers to twist it for a while to loosen the attachment between the window film and clear backing film;

Step 2 - Please attach a sticky tape to the side of the clear backing film corner (we have also attached a small sticky tape on each roll of window film for your convenience), and then press it for effective attachment;

Step 3 - And then you are able to separate the clear backing film from the window film easily.

Installation Instructions:

1. Measure the surface and cut the film. Leave an extra inch margin each side for an easy adjustment.

2. Clean the target surface thoroughly and make sure the surface is clean enough without any dust.

3. Peel off the transparent backing film along a short side. (Very Important!!!)

4. Spray a lot of water or soapy water both on the smooth side of the window film and the window, then install the window film onto the window.

5. Use the soft towel or squeegee to wipe the film back and forth to make sure that the bubbles and water have been totally removed.

6. Trim off the margins and use a cloth to flatten out the film. Here you go!