HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam
HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam

HOT SALE - M10max Dash Cam

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Introducing the M10max 2K 1440P Dash Cam for Car DVR - the ultimate solution for all your driving needs! With its advanced 4CH 360 camera, you can capture every angle of your journey in stunning detail.

Whether you're driving on the highway or navigating through busy city streets, this dash cam has got you covered. The M10max 2K 1440P Dash Cam is equipped with a 24H Parking Monitor, ensuring that your car is always protected even when you're not around.

With its GPS Night Vision Auto Video Recorder, you can rest assured that you'll never miss a moment of your journey, even in low light conditions. This dash cam is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate.

With its 256Gmax storage capacity, you can record hours of footage without worrying about running out of space. Plus, its sleek and compact design makes it easy to install and use.


About the package contents:(Please confirm the package you want.)

Car charger version:

(With car charger cable, need to be connected to the cigarette lighter car charger port)

Only driving recorder, it cannot be parked for monitoring after turn off your car.

Parking Monitoring version:

(With Radar & Hardwire Kit, you need to take the power from the fuse box of the car)

Driving Record + Parking Monitoring

M10max 2K 1440P Dash Cam for Car DVR 4CH 360 Camera 24H Parking Monitor & GPS Night Vision Auto Video Recorder 256Gmax

All safety conditions inside and outside the car are guaranteed with 4 Channel record.

24H Radar Parking Monitoring / Built-in WIFI / G-Sensor / Super IR Night Vision / WDR Function / Loop Recording

Stable Performance / Clear Recording / Diversified Functions

Unique Design

2K-M10max is a 3 Channel all-in-one recorder, which supports adding a rear camera to form a four-lens dashcam.

The M10-4 Channel is the first in the industry to share a chip for four lenses to operate stably.

The 2K-M10max is an upgrade to the resolution of the main cam (Front Cam) from the M10. 

Chip: MSTAR 88Series

Sensor: Galaxy Core 

4 Channel Recording at the same time

The resolution of 2K-MAX-4 Channel can reach 2K 1440P+3*1080P when it recording at the same time.

And all 4 Channel can be displayed on the mainframe at the same time.

Multiple Angle camera provides more comprehensive security for your car.

The main lens (Front Cam) —— 2K 2160*1440P / 400W pixel and F1.6 aperture

The other lens (Left / Right / Rear Cam) —— 1960*1080P / 200W pixel and F1.8 aperture

Superior Night Vision

The 2K-M10max-4 Channel offer the latest built-in highly sensitive night vision image sensor,

which will automatically compensates for light/darkspots and balances exposure,

makes all scene details are recorded vividly.

Even in low-night conditions, it capture clear videos and photos in your driving or parking moment.


WDR wide dynamic night vision——Within the Front and Rear cameras

Four infrared night vision lights——Within the Left and Right cameras. (total 8IR lights)

Rotatable Lenses & 140° wide Angle

All 4 Channel can rotate back and front, left and right, and adjust other recording angles at will by yourself.

And all 4 Channel are for 140˚wide-angle lens.

The 2K-M10max-4 Channel dash cam can capture more angles and provide more evidence at critical moments.

24-H Radar Sensing Parking Monitoring

The 24-hour radar sensor parking monitoring mode will save a lot of power

than the mode that has been recording for 24 hours after the ignition is turned off.

After you turned off the car, the working principle of the radar sensing mode:

Within the sensing range of the radar, the radar will start the machine to record when it senses a moving object.

Until one minute after detection, there is no moving object, the machine will stand by;

If there is a moving object within a minute, the machine will continue recording.


With parking monitoring, it is necessary to use the electricity of the car battery after the car is turned off.

(Parking Version Optional)

Low-Voltage Protection

The Hardwire Kit has low-voltage protection.

When the battery is lower than 11.8V/12V/12.2V,

the dash cam will automatically power off, and the battery will not be used anymore.

Built-in GPS(Optional)

Monitors and displays real-time trip data including time, speed (km/h, mph), and coordinates.

Tracks the exact location of an accident if one should occur, crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims.


Note: Need to select built-in GPS package

CPL Filter

(Buy Separately)

CPL Optical Filter reject reflections from glass.

Eliminate the reflection in the car center console, improve saturation.

G-Sensor & Loop recording

When the memory card reaches its maximum capacity,

the oldest unlocked footage will be overwritten automatically to ensure infinite loop recording.

Supports 1/2/3 minutes loop recording and class 10 or higher TF card up to 256GB.

The 2K-M10max-4 Channel dash cam will automatically lock the current recording video

as proof of an incident once the built-in G-sensor detects a collision.

Built-in WIFI

Use the TSCAM App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices.

Connect via Wi-Fi & download your recorded videos directly to your smart phone

and then easily share these on social media with friends and family.

Super Capacitor

Equipped with super capacitor instead of traditional lithium battery,

which features a longer lifespan and extreme temperature resistance,

and also can adapt well to the weather in many country.

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